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May 9, 2013 Leave a comment


After smashing his way into the charts with Thrift Shop, the rapper Macklemore here returns with his next big hit cant hold us back. Theres not much to be said about this song meaning wise but I can say this, the song is a lot of fun and the rapper displays just how far his skill will take him. Seems like this one is not a one hit wonder but will keep hitting you with even bigger hits.

If there is one person I should mention however it must be Ray Dalton who comes through on the chorus with a very powerful voice. His voice on the hook makes the song and its what makes it catchy as a matter of fact its a guarantee that most of you only listen to the song for the chorus either that or they are the only words you can remember. The singer is definitely someone to look out for in the future, that old school vibe to his style is something that is coming back in fashion. Overall the song is not too bad but enough of the party tunes we want the Macklemore we fell in love with, lets get back to making hip hop songs with heart and meaning.


Rating – 6/10

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Iggy Azalea – Work

April 29, 2013 Leave a comment


This is the Latest single from Grand Hustle rap artist iggy Azalea. As a rapper Iggy has been raising some hype recently, voted as one of XXL’s 2012 top 10 freshmen list and she has done more than prove herself.

“Two feet in the red dirt,school skirt. Sugar cane, back lanes, 3 jobs, took years to save. But I got a ticket on that plane, people got a lot to say. But don’t know shit bout where I was made, or how many floors that I had to scrub just to make it past where I am from”

With fame comes the spotlight  the spotlight brings with it negatives but also positives. For Iggy the negatives came in the form of beef with other female artist such as Azealia and also comments made from youtubers and other comments about the fact that not only is she white but she is also female which for some reason to some people meant she couldn’t rap. The language and the lyrics suggest that this is a response to all these comments. I think some people are quick to judge artist because all we see is the cover and we don’t read into the person. The song has actually made me gain more respect for the woman. to keep her self belief in the upbringing, her background and in such a tough world  it is actually unheard of for a white female rapper to come out on top. She went through a lot and hard work should be reward, she is also very brave for making the song. NOW GET THIS WORK !!!


Rating – 7/10

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August 19, 2012 2 comments

Heard this song on an advert by Gucci Premier which features Blake lively and I just had to find it and I know there’s probably a lot of people out there who are looking for the song so here’s a post to make things easier. It’s a good tune will the advert do for Eric Prydz what the Microsoft explorer advert did for Alex Clare. We don’t know but its still an amazing tune. Thumbs up from me and Blake Lively is such a beautiful woman :) .


rating – 7/10

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Madeon – Finale

July 23, 2012 Leave a comment

French producer Madeon brings you his single Finale. The producer who also goes by the name Hugo Pierre Leclercq hasnt really achieved much chart success but with this tune it seems like chart success is certain. In the UK Madeon has claimed popularity especially with club DJ’s. Good luck to the producer, he really deserves success. 


Rating – 6/10


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Lyrics: – This Is Love ft. Eva Simons

June 28, 2012 Leave a comment

Just another Will I.a.m song. Dance beat, female vocals. Theres really nothing much else I can say, if you want to know what it sounds like just listen to the majority of The E.N.D album sounds pretty much the same.


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Lyrics available at:

Niki & The Dove – DJ, Ease My Mind

March 3, 2012 Leave a comment

The drums remind me of a Florence and the machine song. To me it doesn’t sound like a club tune, more like summer festival song. I get vibes of Florence and the machine, empire of the sun and MGMT, might just be me. Anyways I like it, definitely going to be on my summer track list. Energetic and uplifting at the same time. Imaging dancing to this whilst tipsy. Great song!

Rating  – 7/10

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