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You know one of those people that always discovers song and artists a year after they have been released, well some time that is me. This is Lorde a truly amazing singer and am ashamed of myself by only getting to embrace myself with this talent now. The singer has been creating a lot of buzz for some time now and where as I would like to call her music unique and fresh a part of me senses and I feel am very right to say it is something that has been done already. At first listening to the track the influence from Lana Del Rey seems to be very clear, you know the whole fearless take towards pop tracks and a somewhat gangster approach. Gangster approach ? Yep! The tracks and beats have very much been influence by modern day rap tracks, correct me if am wrong but I believe so. The blend of these two qualities create something amazing, easy on the ears , relaxed chilled and yes very cool. Check her out !

Rating -8/10

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