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Iggy Azalea – Work


This is the Latest single from Grand Hustle rap artist iggy Azalea. As a rapper Iggy has been raising some hype recently, voted as one of XXL’s 2012 top 10 freshmen list and she has done more than prove herself.

“Two feet in the red dirt,school skirt. Sugar cane, back lanes, 3 jobs, took years to save. But I got a ticket on that plane, people got a lot to say. But don’t know shit bout where I was made, or how many floors that I had to scrub just to make it past where I am from”

With fame comes the spotlight  the spotlight brings with it negatives but also positives. For Iggy the negatives came in the form of beef with other female artist such as Azealia and also comments made from youtubers and other comments about the fact that not only is she white but she is also female which for some reason to some people meant she couldn’t rap. The language and the lyrics suggest that this is a response to all these comments. I think some people are quick to judge artist because all we see is the cover and we don’t read into the person. The song has actually made me gain more respect for the woman. to keep her self belief in the upbringing, her background and in such a tough world  it is actually unheard of for a white female rapper to come out on top. She went through a lot and hard work should be reward, she is also very brave for making the song. NOW GET THIS WORK !!!


Rating – 7/10

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Lyrics: http://ratethelyrics.wordpress.com/2013/04/29/iggy-azalea-work/


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