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Placebo – Song to say goodbye

There are many explanations or attempts to explain what this song really means, especially the images in the video where we still a little boy having to play the role of the parent and taking care of his father. I don’t think this song is about drug use it could be about a number of things really depending on how you look at it. For me it’s a family who have broken up or there is a death in the family, n one asks the question where the boy’s mother is whilst all of this is happening. I think the mother either left or died in this scenario and the father drowns himself in self pity and depression and forgets that the son is going through the same pain and needs him right now. The father is meant to be strong as a parent “before out innocence was lost you were always one of those blessed with lucky 7’s”, as in when things were good the father was the kids role model and now when he really needs him he has let him down and the kid can’t bear to see him like this which is why he breaking off all ties.

Many kids experience this in broken homes especially older ones, everyone always goes to the boy “you are now the man of the family” for some it can over whelming and very hard to handle. No one ever likes to see their mother cry especially boys, parents should remember that your children look up to and it is up to you to stay strong because they are depending on you to re assure them that everything is going to be okay. Do not let you children become your parent.



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